Camel Games is an online mobile gaming company founded in August 2009 by a world-class development and operation team.We’re one of the first batch of Google Top Developers and have been working in an international phase for many years, accruing much valuable experience in foreign markets.We already released our games in many countries and regions worldwide,such as USA,Japan,Korea,Canada,Australia,UK,Brazil,Turkey,Southeast Asia,the Middle-East,Europe etc.Our motto-Good games always come from hard working!


Camel Games is a first-class mobile game development team.

They come from top software and social gaming programs and companies,such as Microsoft,Ubisoft,Gameloft,Glu Software etc.who have powerful techical skills and rich development experience in game industry.

Our core development and operation teams have 5-10 years of industry experience, and have cumulated rich experience and industry resources.To meet global needs,we currently have English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Korean, Malay, Arabic, Indonesian, German, French, and more foreign languages being translated for our game products.

Our art and design teams also have broad perspective and experience in game industry.Some of our artists have won Top 2 and 3 in Adobe and Paramount Pictures Transformers Design Contest, and Top prize in the Blizzard Entertainment Fan Art design contest etc.


In 2011, we were officially recognized by Google Play as a Top Developer, becoming one of the first batch of Google Top Developers.

Starting from April 2016,our game products were featured by Google Recommendation for 11 times:

-Global Recommendation (6 times)
-Recommendation in Indonesia (1 time)
-Recommendation in Korea(1 time)
-Recommendation in Taiwan & HK (1 time)
-Recommendation in Germany (1 time)
-Recommendation in Australia (1 time)
The whole mobile game market has begun to turn more rational. The mainstream trend of the whole industry will focus on refining in-game operation for existing players. The most important is to upgrade the game quality and interactive experience to attract players. In terms of mobile game development, the rise of hardcore games is considered significantly higher than casual and moderate games. The development and global launch of hardcore games of high quality always remain the main tasks of our team. Three new titles, Titan Throne, Age of Z Origins, and War of Destiny, have all been published to the Global market. All data are gradually increasing. It is expected to usher in a growth explosion and become an important part of the company's performance in the next few years.

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